How Do You Repair a Blown Speaker by Yourself?

To repair a blown speaker by yourself, open the casing to inspect all parts that may be damaged. From wires to sockets, carefully examine every item. Find problems and look for replacements accordingly.

  1. Open the casing

    Work on the speaker that's blown. In case you have a double speaker, play loud audio to check which one is causing problems by altering balance. Separate the speaker from the main unit and place it on your work station. Remove the face plate of the speaker delicately and remove the seams of the speaker without tearing them.

  2. Work on the cone

    Once the speaker is opened, the cone is visible. Examine its surface carefully and use masking tape to fix any problems.

  3. Examine the coil and look for broken parts

    Examine the coil of the speaker. If there is a gap, or charring in the coil, look for a replacement. Examine all the parts, looking for any breaks or tears. You might find that inside the speaker there are a number of spare parts that can be used to replace the damaged parts.

  4. Re-assemble and test

    After you have gone through the entire process, join back all the pieces of the speaker that you have dismantled. Keep track of the sequence so that you don’t miss any parts. Play the same audio to gauge your repair.