How Do You Reopen a Closed Tab in Chrome?


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Reopen a recently closed tab on Google Chrome by using the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+T or COMMAND+SHIFT+T. Alternatively, you can reopen a tab by clicking the "Recently closed tab" button, or selecting the "Reopen Closed Tab" option from the right-click menu.

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  1. Reopen closed tab by using keyboard shortcuts

    On a Windows computer, reopen recently closed tabs by using the key combination of CTRL+SHIFT+T. On a Mac computer, use the COMMAND+SHIFT+T option. These keyboard shortcuts will allow you to reopen the 10 most recently closed windows.

  2. Reopen closed tabs using the "Recently Closed Tabs" button

    Reopen recently closed tabs by opening a new tab, then clicking the "Recently Closed Tabs" button in the bottom right corner of the browser window. From this menu, you can open the three most recently closed windows

  3. Reopen recently closed tabs using menu option

    If using Chrome on a Windows OS, right click and select the "Reopen Closed Tab" option from the menu that appears. On a Mac computer, this can be accomplished by accessing the "File" menu to select this option.

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