How Do You Renew McAfee Software?

How Do You Renew McAfee Software?

To renew McAfee software, log into your account and select My Account at the top of the page. Click on the Subscription link, select the service you wish to renew, and click Renew.

When you purchase McAfee software, you are automatically enrolled into the auto-renewal program. One month before your subscription is due to expire, the service bills the credit card you provided for your account and automatically renews your McAfee subscription for another year.

If you choose to cancel the auto-renewal program, you receive a reminder to renew your subscription one month before your subscription expires. You have to log into your McAfee account to renew your subscription. After selecting the subscription to renew, follow the instructions and enter your billing information, if necessary. After renewing your subscription, you receive a confirmation in your email which you can print. You can also see the details of this renewal by accessing your purchase history on your Subscriptions page.

If your McAfee software has already expired, you may have to uninstall it and install it again after renewing the license. This is because the expired product cannot receive updates or notifications that the expiry date has changed; therefore, you are going to keep seeing a pop-up message that states that your software has expired.

To verify that you have successfully renewed your subscription, go to your email address and look for the notification email from McAfee. This email contains the name of your account, the order number, the renewal date and price, and the product name.