How Do You Renew an IP Address?


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To renew your IP address on a Windows computer, enter "ipconfig /renew" in a command prompt window after first releasing your current IP address. This procedure takes no more than a few seconds and works on all Windows versions after Windows NT.

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  1. Open a Run window

    Hold the Windows key on your keyboard, then press the R key. This brings up a window titled Run.

  2. Open a command prompt

    In the command entry field in the Run window, type "cmd". Press the Ok button, or hit the Enter key on your keyboard to open a command prompt window, which is distinguished by its typically black background.

  3. Release the current IP address

    In the command prompt window, type the command "ipconfig /release," and press the Enter key. This tells your computer to let go of the IP address it is currently using, thereby allowing it to receive a new one. Notice that if you enter "ipconfig" in the prompt after "ipconfig /release" completes, your IP address is, which means that your computer doesn't currently have an IP address.

  4. Request a new IP address

    Type the command "ipconfig /renew" in the command prompt, and press Enter. This asks your computer to request a new IP address from the network. If successful, an IP address other than is displayed when the command "ipconfig" is entered in the prompt.

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