How Do You Renew a Cosmetology License Online?


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In states that allow online license renewals, renew a cosmetology license by visiting the state's professional licensing website and filling out the required forms. Cosmetology licenses are issued by individual states, and license renewal procedures vary from state to state.

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How Do You Renew a Cosmetology License Online?
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Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Washington and Texas are examples of states that allow cosmetologists to renew their licenses online. Michigan only allows cosmetologists who have not changed name or address in the preceding two years to renew their licenses online, while Indiana processes name and address changes on its renewal site.

Some states allow immediate printing of the renewed license in addition to mailing a paper certificate; others only send licenses via mail. Indiana is a state that allows cosmetologists to print their renewed licenses immediately, while Tennessee and Washington both mail new licenses to cosmetologists who renew online.

Other forms of professional license can also be renewed online. Washington licenses estheticians, manicurists and barbers with the same process used for cosmetologists. This includes renewals. Texas accepts online renewals from a wide variety of professionals, including auctioneers, animal breeders, electricians, towing operators and property tax professionals. Indiana accepts online renewals for all positions licensed through professional associations. This includes health care professionals such as nurses and nursing assistants.

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