What Is Renaissance Place?

What Is Renaissance Place?

Renaissance Place is a Web-based, hosted platform that allows participating educational institutions to teach, assess and implement learning solutions in a cloud-based environment. The interface is also a virtual community where parents, teachers, students and administrators can interact around school activities, academics, assignments and student progress.

Renaissance Place consists of classroom devices that support learning objectives, practice and progress monitoring in accelerated reading, accelerated math, accelerated math fluency and STAR assessments.

Accelerated reading essentially builds reading skills in nonfiction articles, with books and literature for practice reading. Renaissance Learning partners with respected content providers, such as National Public Radio and the Library of Congress. Teachers can browse by skill, such as determining an author's purpose or opinion.

Accelerated math provides comprehensive, goal-specific practice for students who require remedial math and those who are on or above grade level. The program is aligned to Common Core State Standards, and it automatically conveys immediate feedback to students, parents and teachers as students complete assignments. Accelerated math is the most widely used math program in schools, according to Renaissance.com.

Each program includes its own dashboard, where instructors can review collections of compound data about entire groups of students, overall progress and proximity to Common Core State Standards mastery.