How Do You Remove the Zeus Trojan Virus?

How Do You Remove the Zeus Trojan Virus?

Running an up-to-date antivirus program can remove the Zeus Trojan virus from a computer. Removal of the virus is also possible through a manual virus removal process.

To remove the Zeus Trojan virus by using an antivirus scan, first research the best antivirus program available. Download the antivirus to the computer and let it scan the computer completely for the Zeus Trojan virus that secretly infects the computer. On detecting the virus, the antivirus software removes it. Restart the computer after the removal of the virus.

To manually remove the Zeus Trojan virus, first start the computer in safe mode by holding down the F8 key until the booting options appear and then choosing the safe mode startup. Allow the system to boot.

Next, kill all the processes associated with the Zeus Trojan virus. Press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete key to access the task manager. Select the 088709.exe process and end both instances of it. Check the processes tab for any suspicious programs and terminate them using the end program option. Check for any files or folders affected by the virus and completely delete them.

Finally, remove any registry values associated with the virus. Enter regedit.exe in the command prompt and click OK. Press the Ctrl option to start the search dialog box. Search for the Trojan virus and then delete all the linked registries. Click the Yes option each time to confirm the deletion.