How Do You Remove the Zbot Trojan?

How Do You Remove the Zbot Trojan?

To remove the Zbot Trojan, download the Trojan.Zbot removal tool. Run the removal tool, and select Start to begin the removal process. Allow the program to restart your computer. Click Yes when prompted to view the results of the Zbot Trojan removal process.

  1. Download the Trojan.Zbot removal tool

    Visit Symantec's website to download the free Trojan.Zbot removal tool. There are two versions: 32-bit and 64-bit. Download the version that is compatible with your operating system. If you are not sure, open the Systems folder on your computer, and view the answer in the System type field.

  2. Run the removal tool

    Double-click the application once it has been downloaded. You are presented with a prompt that outlines the application's terms of service. Click I Accept to continue to the next screen. Reboot your computer by clicking Yes when asked if the application can reboot your computer.

  3. Complete the Trojan.zbot removal

    When the computer restarts, the removal process automatically starts. The tool terminates associated processes, files and registry keys. Click Yes when prompted to run Norton Power Eraser, which performs extra scanning to ensure the process removed all associated files. View the final results of the removal process in a file called FixTool.log.