How Do You Remove Write Protection From a CD?

In the case of compact disc-rewritables, or CD-RWs, removing its write protection involves formatting the media, which essentially erases all the data. Once a file has been burned into a CD-R or CD-RW, it automatically becomes a read-only or a write-protected disc. Because compact disc-recordable, or CD-R, can only be written on once, it's impossible to change its read-only status.

A CD-RW is a type of optical media disc that can used to store data. As its name implies, this type of CD can be used several times, even more than a hundred times in some cases. An application called the Live File System makes it possible to use the CD-RW just like a flash drive where the user can write, delete and edit the files.

The following shows how to format a CD-RW to remove its read-only status.

  1. Insert the CD-RW
  2. Insert the CD-RW into a computer's optical drive that is capable of burning files into the CD.

  3. Select Burn Files
  4. Once the Autoplay dialog window appears, choose Burn Files to disc using Windows Explorer.

  5. Edit preferences
  6. Type the preferred name of the disc and select whether the disc will be used just like a USB flash drive or with a CD or DVD player. Clicking Next prepares the disc.