How Do You Remove Windows XP From Your PC?

To remove Windows XP from a PC, restart the computer in safe mode, and press F8 while the computer is restarting. Go to the Start menu of the computer. Then, go to the Control Panel, and locate the Add or Remove Programs option. The Windows XP operating system should be listed and can be removed by highlighting the program and clicking Uninstall.

If the Windows XP operating system was an upgrade from another operating system, the previous system can be restored. When the new system is installed, a copy of the old operating system is saved on the computer if there is sufficient space available. If Windows XP is not on the list of programs to be installed, the previous system needs to be manually installed. If the computer owner wants to keep any files that were installed under the Windows XP system, those files should be backed up before starting this process because they won't be accessible when the original operating system is reinstalled.

Windows XP can also be removed using the Recovery Console. Insert the Windows XP CD into the computer, and under the menu, select Recovery Console. Type "cd"" to log in, and press the Enter key. Next, type "cdwindowssystem32" and "osunints.exe". Then, press Enter. Windows XP should then uninstall.