How Do You Remove Windows Defender Malware?

How Do You Remove Windows Defender Malware?

Run Windows Defender to remove malware from your system without having to use manual methods. In Windows 7, Windows Defender monitors your Internet activity and blocks spyware; in Windows 8, Windows Defender protects your system against both spyware and viruses. Setting Windows Defender to run automatically at start-up ensures protection from malware in both operating systems.

  1. Open Windows Defender

    Swipe in from the right of a touchscreen computer to access the Search menu on Windows 8, or click the Start button on the taskbar in Windows 7. Type Defender in the search field, and click on the link to open the program.

  2. Scan for malware

    Select from Quick, Full and Custom scan options in Windows Defender. Choose the Full scan option to check for malware buried deep within files and folders on the operating system. Tap or click Scan Now to start the process.

  3. Remove the malware

    Once Windows Defender verifies a threat, it marks it for deletion. If it provides a summary of the malware, research its name online to check for a double negative. Windows Defender sometimes marks programs as malware even if they do not pose a threat to the system, such as game EXE files and keygens.