How Do You Remove a Virus From a PC?


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To remove a virus from a PC, identify the problem, download antivirus software and run a full scan on the computer. Remove anything the software finds, restart the computer and scan the computer again. The difficulty and duration it takes depends on the severity of the virus.

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  1. Identify the problem

    Before removing a virus, you need to be sure it's definitely a virus. Common signs of a virus or malware are a change in the appearance of the Web browser, automatic redirection to an unknown site and constant computer crashing and instability.

  2. Download antivirus software

    Download one antivirus program. Many antivirus programs aren't compatible, and running more than one at a time can cause the computer to crash. Malwarebytes is a free program that often comes recommended by computer professionals.

  3. Run the program

    Scan the computer for viruses and malware. When the scan is complete, remove any malicious findings.

  4. Reboot the computer

    Turn the computer off. Wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on.

  5. Run the scan again

    Complete another scan of the computer. If it doesn't find anything, the virus is removed. You may want to try running another antivirus program just to be sure. Disable Malwarebytes before running a second program.

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