How Do You Remove the Trovi Search Bar?

How Do You Remove the Trovi Search Bar?

Remove the Trovi search bar at both the level of the toolbar, and as the default search option for the primary browser. Trovi search is often downloaded as part of a bundled freeware package and is considered a potentially unwanted program which does add adware and other unwanted messages.

Trovi search can be attached to as well as disabled from any type of browser. The files may appear as Trovi, Trovi Toolbar, Conduit or Search Protect.

For Internet Explorer

Go to Tools, then Manage Add-ons and Toolbars, and remove the files in question. Then, go to Tools, Internet Options and General, and set a new search default.

For Mozilla Firefox

Uninstall Trovi from Tools, then Add-ons and Extensions. Enter a new default search engine at Tools, then Options, General and Setup.

For Google Chrome

Select Tools from the Chrome menu, then Extensions and uninstall Trovi . Select a new browser and enter it at Manage Search Engines from the settings option at the wrench icon.