How Do You Remove a Trojan Virus?


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A person can remove a Trojan virus by using his current antivirus protection program or by downloading and using a Trojan removal tool. A person with some technical skill also has the option of locating the Trojan virus and removing it manually.

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Antivirus protection programs, such as AVG, offer users live protection against computer viruses. They also provide quarantine and removal of any viruses or malware found during scans. Scans can be set to run automatically, or they can be ran at any chosen time. Sometimes there is an option to run a quick scan or a deep scan. When a Trojan virus is suspected, a deep scan is recommended.

When standard antivirus programs fail to detect or remove a Trojan virus, a person can download virus removal tools specific to Trojans. Tools such as Trojan Remover effectively detect and remove Trojan viruses and other Internet Worms, but these tools also revert altered settings, so the viruses are not automatically reinstalled after removal.

When nothing else works, manual removal of a Trojan virus is possible. One must become familiarized with the virus and locate the program that is affected. Then, the System Restore function must be disabled and the affected computer restarted in Safe Mode. From the control panel, all affected programs must be completely deleted. In addition, any associated files must be deleted from the Program Files folder. Finally, the computer is restarted.

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