How Do You Remove Temporary Files in Windows 10?


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Remove temporary files by either using the Disk Clean-up application or by manually deleting the temporary files in File Explorer. The Disk Clean-up tool comes as a part of the Windows operating system.

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To run the Disk Clean-up tool, click Search Windows on the taskbar and type in Disk Clean-up. Wait for Windows to find the tool and select it from the list. Select Temporary Files and Temporary Internet Files and click OK. If you have multiple hard disk drives connected to your computer, Windows may ask for you to choose a disk drive before opening the tool. Make sure to select the drive that Windows is installed on.

Alternatively, you can manually navigate to the folders that hold temporary files. Open the disk drive that the operating system is on and double click Windows. Open the Temp folder and delete its contents. Navigate back to the root folder of the drive and open Users. Open the folder that has the same name as your user account, then open AppData and then Local. Open the Temp folder and delete the files in it.

You can also use the run dialog box to open a window of File Explorer that is already in the second Temp folder. Hold the Windows key on your keyboard and press R. Type %tmp% and hit Enter.

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