How Do I Remove the "Tattoodle" Virus?


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There are five options regarding the removal of the Tattoodle software. The most popular option is uninstalling it, which users can accomplish by choosing the Uninstall a Program function in the Windows OS system.

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Tattoodle is a type of malware that is classified as a browser hijacker. This means that the program changes Internet browser settings, enabling it to become the browser?s homepage without the permission of Windows-based PC users. Tattoodle acts as the browser?s search engine, thus taking the place of conventional ones, such as Google. Tattoodle search results expose computer users to more unwanted third-party software, including viruses and scareware products.

If a user has a hard time going with the most popular option of removal, or they want to check for other harmful third-party software, then a user can scan the computer for malware by installing the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware solution. If a user wants to repair the browser settings automatically, then installing the free or paid version of CCleaner by Piriform software can accomplish that. Two other removal options would be to remove the Tattoodle.com homepage manually or to remove the search engine itself. However, these options are not recommended because they do not remove the malware completely.

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