How Do You Remove Programs From Computer With Windows Installed?


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To remove programs from a computer with Windows installed, access the Control Panel. On computers that have Windows XP installed, it is possible to navigate to the Control Panel from the Start Menu.

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To remove a program while using Windows XP, click Start, then click Control Panel. Once the Control Panel window has launched, select the Add or Remove Programs option to display a list of currently installed programs. Click the program to be removed and choose the Remove option. If a prompt appears to confirm the deletion of the program, click Yes to proceed.

According to the University of Wisconsin Knowledgebase, two methods of removing an installed program are available for Windows 8 users. The first method in the tutorial shows users how to remove a program in a way unique to this version of Windows, while the second method is similar to the removal process used by users of earlier Windows OS versions.

Windows 8 users can press the Windows key located on the keyboard or use the mouse to navigate to the Start Menu. It is possible to remove a program simply by hovering over a program displayed in the menu, clicking it so that it displays a check symbol, then choosing the Uninstall option. The Uninstall or Change option appears in the Toolbar that runs along the bottom of the screen.

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