How Do You Remove PC Optimizer Pro?


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Remove PC Optimizer Pro from a Windows computer by launching the Control Panel, navigating to the Uninstall a Program option, right-clicking on PC Optimizer Pro and clicking the Uninstall option. Alternately, users can remove the program by using an adware removal program such as AdwCleaner.

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PC Optimizer Pro is a Windows application that claims to improve performance and speed by searching the computer for various issues, such as malicious software and registry issues. However, it often runs without being prompted by the user and flags non-harmful programs as issues. Because of this, many users prefer to uninstall the program to avoid the nuisance of frequently closing the program.

To completely remove PC Optimizer Pro from a computer, the user needs to first launch the Control Panel to access the computer's internal settings. From the Control Panel, the user either clicks on the Uninstall a Program link beneath the Programs setting or enters the term "uninstall" in the search box. After loading the Uninstall a Program page, the user needs to locate the listing for PC Optimizer Pro, right-click on it and click on the Uninstall option. Once the user confirms that she does want to completely remove the program, the uninstaller runs and removes the program.

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