How Do You Remove a Password on an RAR File?

How Do You Remove a Password on an RAR File?

According to, the only way to remove the password from an RAR file is to extract the contents of the file and compress them into a new RAR file. To do this requires that the user have a copy of the WinRAR utility installed on the system and possess the original password of the existing compressed file.

  1. Open the compressed file

    Use the file browser to navigate to the directory containing the compressed RAR file. Right-click on the file name in the browser window, and choose the appropriate extraction option. You can extract the file to the current directory, to a directory of your choice by inputting the directory name or to a subdirectory of the current directory using the file's name.

  2. Input the password

    Type the file's password into the message box prompt, and wait as the RAR contents are extracted.

  3. Create new RAR file

    Highlight the files in the browser into you wish to place into the new password-free archive. Right-click on the highlighted files, and then select the Add to Archive option. Type in the new archive name, then click on the Advanced tab. Make certain both password boxes are clear, then press the OK button twice to create the new RAR file.