How Do You Remove an OtterBox From Your Phone?

How Do You Remove an OtterBox From Your Phone?

To remove the Otterbox case from your phone, first remove the armband, if your case has this attachment. Open the holster and remove the exterior skin layer. Be sure to remove these components carefully to avoid damage to the phone.

  1. Remove the armband

    If your Otterbox case has an armband attachment, carefully remove the attachment according to the instructions in the product manual.

  2. Open the holster within the protective cover

    The holster underneath the protective skin is held together by a locking mechanism. Open it by gently pulling it apart, one corner at a time.

  3. Remove the protective cover and holster

    Remove the protective outer skin, then remove the holster. Consider replacing the screen cover if it is older than six months to avoid dust accumulation.