How Do You Remove Old Hard Drives From Laptops?

How Do You Remove Old Hard Drives From Laptops?

To remove an old hard drive from a laptop, first the hard drive must be located, then the battery removed from the laptop, screws holding the hard drive into place removed and the hard drive carefully pulled away from its position. Some laptops require the keyboard to be removed to get to the hard drive, while in rare cases, the hard drive is situated underneath the motherboard, making retrieval more difficult.

Removing a hard drive from a laptop is generally an easy procedure, requiring only a small Phillips head screwdriver and a thin flat screwdriver.

  1. Locate the hard drive
  2. Refer to the manufacturer's website or the manual that came with the laptop if the hard drive location is not physically visible. Most laptops contain either a side mounted hard drive or one that is underneath a panel on the bottom side of the laptop.

  3. Remove the battery
  4. Before attempting to remove the hard drive, remove the battery from the laptop and ensure the device is turned off and unplugged.

  5. Side mounted hard drive removal
  6. To remove the side mounted hard drive, locate the latch or screws that hold the side caddy into place. Undo the latch and remove the screw, often found on the bottom of the laptop. Slide out the tray to remove the hard drive from the caddy.

  7. Bottom mounted hard drive removal
  8. Turn the laptop upside down and locate the access panel. Remove the screws from the access panel and detach any clips, screws or other fasteners holding the hard drive to the frame before gently prying it out with a flat head screw driver.

  9. Under the keyboard or motherboard hard drive removal
  10. Remove the screws holding the keyboard deck in place and release the snaps to lift the keyboard away from the laptop. Remove any cables, clips or components that hide the hard drive, including the motherboard if necessary. Always be aware of hidden cables before pulling the motherboard out of the device. Once the hard drive is visible, remove any screws or clips that hold it in place.