How Do You Remove a Jammed CD Out of a Car Stereo?


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The methods of removing a jammed stereo varies according to the type and mechanism of a particular car stereo. The fix for the example used here is for Sony car stereo brands.

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If a CD appears to be jammed inside a Sony car stereo, follow the steps below.

  1. Turn on accessory power and eject
  2. Turn the ignition to accessory power and press the eject button. Keep the eject button pressed for a couple of minutes and then let go. Immediately press the button again to see if this releases the CD.

  3. Use another disc
  4. If the previous step did not release the jammed CD, use another CD. Insert it about an inch into the CD slot without force. Push the eject button a few times and see if this ejects both CDs.

  5. Reset
  6. If any of the two steps work, reset the car stereo before using the CD player again.

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