How Do You Remove a Hard Drive?


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The method of removing a hard drive may differ depending on the device. If you are removing the hard drive from an HP computer, you must open the case, disconnect all cables, remove the cage and finally the drive.

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  1. Open the computer

    Remove all cords from the computer, save the power cable for last. After you remove the power, press the power button in front of the computer. Next, remove all screws, and remove the side panels. You may have to remove the front casing as well. If so, apply pressure to the tabs, and pull forward.

  2. Remove interior cables

    The hard drive is often found under the CD and DVD drives. Disconnect the cables, including the power cable. Make sure to remember where each cable goes. Some ATA cables are only removable by pressing in their latch. Failure to do so can damage the hard drive.

  3. Take off the drive cage

    There are a variety of drive cages and a number of ways to remove them. There are often instructions attached to each individual drive cage.

  4. Remove the hard drive

    Remove the screws to slide the drive out. It may also be held by a plastic latch. If so, lift the latch and remove the hard drive.

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