How Do You Remove Genieo From a Mac 10.6.3 OS?


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To delete Genieo, log in with an administrator account, and locate and delete all the files created or edited by this app. Since these files are located in several areas of the computer, make sure that all the files are deleted from all folders.

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  1. Remove files directly associated with Genieo

    Log into the computer with an administrative account. Then go to the Applications folder, and find and delete these files: Genieo.app, Uninstall Genieo.app, and Uninstall UM Completer.app. Go to the Macintosh HD and navigate to the Library. In Library, find the LaunchAgents folder, the LaunchDaemons folder, and the PrivelegedHelperTools folder. In each folder, find all the files that begin with the "com.genieo" phrase and remove them. From Library, navigate to the Frameworks folder. Find and remove the file named "GenieoExtra.framework."

  2. Remove files affected by Genieo

    In the Go menu, select Go To Folder, and type "/etc" in the pop-up field. Find the file named as launchd.conf and remove it to Trash. Again select Go To Folder from the Go menu and type “/usr/lib” in the pop-up field. Find, if present, the files libgenkit.dylib, libimckit.dylib, libimckitsa.dylib, and remove them.

  3. Remove changes made to the user accounts

    Log in to a user account and hold down the Options key and select Library from the Go menu. Go to the Application Support folder and remove Genieo and com.genieoinnovation.Installer. Then, go to the LaunchAgents folder by going to Macintosh HD, and then going to Library. Find all the files that begin with "com.genieo" and remove them.

  4. Undo changes made to web browsers

    Remove any suspicious extensions from the browsers, and change their default search engines according to your preferences. Restart the browser.

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