How Do You Remove a Fake FBI Virus?

How Do You Remove a Fake FBI Virus?

To remove the FBI virus, you must start in safe mode, install antimalware software, delete the virus and restart as normal. The virus tells you to pay to get the computer unlocked, but doing so does not unlock the computer.

  1. Start your computer

    Turn on your computer, and hit the F8 key prior to the Windows screen. Doing so lands you on the "Advanced Boot Options" menu.

  2. Select the proper starting sequence

    Use your arrow keys to select the "Safe Mode with Networking" option from the menu. This allows you to start the computer with only the basic files and Internet access, preventing the virus from activating.

  3. Connect and download

    Once Windows has booted, connect to the Internet to download antimalware software or update your existing antimalware software.

  4. Start the program and scan

    Start your preferred antimalware software, and perform a full scan of your system. This may take some time depending on the computer's performance.

  5. Delete the virus

    Once the scan is finished, look at the results page. Identify the virus from the list of detected malware and delete it.

  6. Restart the computer

    Restart the computer as you normally would. The virus and the FBI message should be gone. If the virus is still there, repeat the steps with a different antimalware software, and make sure it is the most current version.