How Do You Remove the Brontok Virus From a PC?


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Removing the Brontok virus from a PC involves first scanning for and confirming the presence of the virus and then leveraging a software removal tool. Leaving this virus on a PC can cause applications to crash and restrict a user's access to important control modules on a computer.

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  1. Confirm the presence of the Brontok virus.
  2. The symptoms of Brontok virus include applications shutting down right after they open, restricted access to the Task Manager, the Registry Editor or the command shell and limited control of installed antivirus software. If any of these symptoms are present, run a full system scan of the PC using Microsoft Security Essentials or Microsoft Safety Scan. 
  3. Run a malicious software removal tool.
  4. Microsoft recommends running its Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool to eradicate a Brontok virus form a PC. There are also commercial, standalone solutions available made by third-party companies that users can install and run to address Brontok. 
  5. Instate preventative measures.
  6. Use preventative measures moving forward to prevent further infection. Effective options include installing a firewall, running regular OS updates and installing and using the most up-to-date antivirus software.
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