How Do You Remove Bookmarks?


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To delete a bookmark in Firefox, click Show All Bookmarks, and then click on the Bookmarks Menu in the left panel. Select the bookmark you want to delete, then press the Delete key on your keyboard. Different browsers vary slightly, but this method works for most common browsers.

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  1. Open the Show All Bookmarks dialog box

    With a browser window open, click on Bookmarks in the menu bar. Click Show All Bookmarks to open the bookmarks dialog box.

  2. Click the bookmarks folder you want to view

    In the left panel of the dialog box, determine the folder in which the bookmarks that you want to delete belong. Click Bookmarks Menu to show all your bookmarks, including all the folders that hold your sorted bookmarks.

  3. Delete the bookmarks

    To delete one bookmark, click on it, and then press the Delete key on your keyboard. To delete multiple bookmarks, click on the first bookmark you want to delete, then press and hold the Command key on your keyboard while clicking on other bookmarks. Make sure that all of the bookmarks you want to delete are highlighted, then press the Delete key again. Alternatively, you can right-click while holding the Command key, and then click on Delete.

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