How Do You Remove Bing?

How Do You Remove Bing?

To remove Bing, open Control Panel, go to Add or Remove Programs, find Bing in the list of installed programs, then click Remove. This process takes less than five minutes.

  1. Open the Control Panel

    To open Control Panel, click Start on the Windows toolbar to open a new menu, then hover your mouse over the Control Panel icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Double-click on the icon.

  2. Go to Add or Remove Programs

    On the Control Panel menu, scroll your mouse over the available options, and click Add or Remove Programs to open a new window that contains the list of the installed programs. Find Bing on the list, and then click on it. Click the Change/Remove button located on the opposite side of the Bing icon to open the program removal window.

  3. Remove Bing from your computer

    Click Yes when asked whether you are sure you want to remove Bing from your computer. Click Next to begin the removal process. To confirm whether Bing has been removed from your computer, open your Internet browser, and type a search term into the search engine. When the removal process is successful, Bing should not generate any new search results.