How Do You Remove the Back Cover From a Kindle E-Reader?

To remove the back cover from a Kindle e-Reader, turn off the power, hold the unit back-side up with the portion of the back panel that wraps toward the front farthest away from your body, and slide the back off the unit with your thumbs. Avoid using too much force.

  1. Turn off the power

    Turn off the power to the unit by pressing and holding the power button until the screen darkens.

  2. Position the Kindle for easy back cover removal

    Find the edge of the Kindle where the back wraps around towards the front. Hold the Kindle securely by the edges with the back of the unit up and the side that wraps farthest away from your body. Do not let your fingers touch the front of the Kindle.

  3. Apply force with you thumbs

    Place both of your thumbs firmly against the bottom of the back panel. Make sure your hands are clean and dry to create friction.

  4. Push the back cover off

    Push the cover so that it slides off the unit. Keep the force parallel to the unit body. The back cover should slide off fairly easily with the wrapped portion slipping off first. Do not use too much force. If something seems stuck, slide the back cover into the starting position, and try again.