How Do You Remove Apps From an Android?


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To remove applications from an Android device, you must first make sure that the app is removable. Next, go to the Settings menu, select Downloaded, highlight the undesired application, and press Uninstall. This simple process should only take a few minutes.

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  1. Determine if the app can be deleted

    Some applications come built into a device and cannot be removed. Determine whether you downloaded the app intentionally or if it came built into the device. If you didn't download the application, it may be permanent.

  2. Go to the Settings menu

    Tap the Settings button to open a list of changeable options. Select the Applications sub-menu. Of the five choices, choose Manage Applications. The Manage Applications feature is where applications can be removed from your device.

  3. Select the Downloaded option

    After going to the Manage Applications section, you can choose to manage apps on your SD card, apps that are currently running, apps that you downloaded or all of the above. Select the Downloaded option.

  4. Select and remove the application

    After clicking Downloaded, you see a list of all of the apps that you've downloaded in the past. Select the app that you wish to remove. After reviewing the provided information to be sure it's the right app, click the Uninstall button.

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