How Do You Remove AdChoices Ads From Your Browser?

Although it’s impossible to remove AdChoices ads from a Web browser because they use the Google Ads platform, it’s possible to prevent the ads from displaying by using ad blocking software such as Adblock Plus. After installing the extension, configure the filters to block unwanted AdChoices ads. Optionally, allow nonintrusive ads through the blocking filters by whitelisting them in the Options screen.

To install Adblock Plus, go to, and click on the Install button on the home page. If the website doesn’t detect your browser automatically, select it by clicking on the appropriate icon located below the Install button. Once the extension is installed, access the configuration screen by clicking on the ABP icon located next to the Menu button and clicking on Options.

In the Filter Lists tab, click on Add Filter Subscription, select the default filter for the English language, and click Add. Check the box next to the added filter, and click on Update Now. To block specific AdChoices ads, click on the ABP icon, select the Block Element option, and click on the desired ad to add a custom filter that blocks it. If you don’t want to block every ad, open the Whitelisted Domains tab, type the name of the domain that serves nonintrusive ads, and click on Add Domain. If the effects aren’t evident immediately, restart the browser after configuring the filters.