How Does Remote Support Connection Work?


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Remote support connections work by giving support technicians a way to connect to and access a client's computer through the Internet. For the customer, this usually involves downloading and running a small program that establishes the connection between the support technician's computer and the computer being supported. Once connected, a technician can directly control the customer's computer to perform diagnostics and execute the necessary troubleshooting steps.

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Two leading remote support suites, GoToAssist and Rescue by LogMeIn, use similar methods to provide customers with the power to initiate remote support connections. In the case of GoToAssist, the support technician instructs the customer to visit FastSupport.com and enter a code, which begins the process of establishing the remote connection. In the case of Rescue by LogMeIn, on the other hand, customers download a small program, or applet, and run it. This then gives the technician access to the customer's computer.

Both GoToAssist and LogMeIn provide customers and technicians with a screen-sharing feature, which means that the connected technician can see on his screen what the customer sees on his own screen. The technician can also gain control of the customer's mouse cursor to navigate the customer's computer and perform diagnostic and troubleshooting steps. Both suites also give technicians remote diagnostic tools that can gather data about what the customer's computer is doing, including what kind of hardware it uses and what processes and programs are running at a given moment.

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