What Is Remote Desktop Sharing?


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Remote Desktop Sharing is an operating system program that enables an administrator to connect to computers from other locations in real time. It activates when the administrators use the same network, through LAN or WAN connections.

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The program allows users to remotely access desktops and share files between them in a secure way. It first prompts user confirmation before providing access to a remote desktop after which no other user authentication is required. Desktop Sharing program automatically installs a desktop-sharing agent in each PC, eliminating the need for a user to install client software. The 128-bit Advanced Encryption Protocol that the program employs is the main feature that ensures file/document protection during remote functions.

Before using remote desktop sharing, it is a good idea for an administrator to sort out his desktop and documents. This is because they become visible in the other user’s machine.

Cloud computing has enabled remote desktop sharing to be housed on USB hardware devices. This allows a user to connect to any PC connected to his network via the cloud even if the host computer is off. It has various applications; for example, members of a company can hold an audio-visual meeting if they use a remote sharing conference package.

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