What Is Remote Control Software?

What Is Remote Control Software?

Remote control software allows a user to access a computer over a network or the Internet. These programs require server software on the remote computer and client software on the computer accessing it.

Remote control software is popular for administrative tasks, as it allows professionals to fix small issues without traveling to the office. It's also popular for technical support. Many remote control software suites allow multiple users to access a computer simultaneously, which makes them useful for training or collaborative work.

TeamViewer is a popular proprietary program designed for easy use. Thanks to its simple server installation, it's popular for providing technical support. By using a one-time code, users can connect to remote computers without having to look up the computer's IP address.

Windows Remote Desktop, which is included with some versions of Windows, provides an easy-to-use remote control interface that integrates well with Windows. While it's a popular solution for simple tasks, it lacks the advanced features of other options.

VNC is an open source technology with several implementations. Most popular VNC tools are free to use, and many offer advanced features. However, these programs often require users to configure servers using text files instead of graphical user interfaces, and they might require users to modify settings on the routers. For businesses looking for flexibility, however, VNC might be a good option.