How Do You Find the Remote Control Code on a Sony TV?


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The remote control code on a Sony TV is located in the e-support section of Sony's website. The user should write down the model type displayed on the remote, which is typically below the Sony logo at the bottom of the section, and enter these details to get the code.

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First, identify and write down your remote model type. An example model type is RM-EZ4, where RM represents the series type and EZ4 is the model number. Go to eSupport.Sony.com, and click on Remote Codes and Programming to access the Remote Control Programming page. Wait for a prompt to either directly enter the model type for your remote or select it from the provided list. Enter the model type of the remote in the search box, and click Go to access the Remote Codes and Programming Instructions page.

On this page, the components and brands are displayed along with the code choices. For the TV component, a number of brands are typically displayed. Select Sony as the brand. The corresponding code is displayed under Code Choices. An example code is 8201, which is the code for the RM-EZ4 remote. Read the programming instructions carefully before using the code on the TV.

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