What Are Some Remote Codes for Panasonic TVs?


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Codes for Panasonic TVs include 034, 056, 080, 164, 219 and 222, but each device has a unique code. The remote codes for Panasonic TVs you to marry up the remote with the TV.

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What Are Some Remote Codes for Panasonic TVs?
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To control the TV, power it on. Press the Device(TV) button and the Select button at the same time for 3 seconds. The LED turns on. Direct the remote towards the device while the LED is on and enter the codes. The TV shuts down when the right code is entered. Press the Power button and the device turns on or off. This confirms successful completion of the process.

Press the Device button again to retain the code. The LED blinks twice to confirm storage of the code. Test that all the remote control functions are working. If you find that some are not operational, repeat entry of the alternative three-digit codes given in the manual.

In case any of the assigned numbers fail to turn off your TV or none of the numbers is assigned to your brand, use Auto Search to find the device code. Turn on the TV. Press the Device (TV) button and the Select button concurrently. Press the CH+ or CH- button and the Power button while pointing the remote towards the TV. The TV turns off if the correct code is found. Proceed to store the code as described above.

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