How Do You Remix a Song on the Computer?


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The easiest way to remix a song on the computer is to download free remix software, such as MP3cut or TwistedWave, which allows cutting, pasting and splicing of MP3 music files without the use of professional-level production software, adding the relevant tracks and using the tools in the software to edit as required. MP3cut is generally thought to be the easiest of the available programs to use.

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Once MP3cut has been downloaded and installed, follow these simple steps to merge and remix tracks:

  1. Run MP3cut
  2. Begin by opening MP3cut, and click on the open file button before choosing the track to be edited. The software supports over 100 audio file formats, so even if a track is not an MP3, it can still be cut. The chosen file will be automatically imported.

  3. Selecting and cutting
  4. Once the file has been imported, use the mouse to drag the blue bars over the area that needs to be cut, and then press the cut button.

  5. Joining multiple cuts
  6. To join multiple cuts of the same track together, simply repeat the cutting process as many times as desired, and then click the audio joiner button to merge them together. For more advanced editing, alternative software, such as TwistedWave, may be preferable.

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