What Are Some IT-Related Words?


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Some Information Technology, or IT, terms include .bmp, Absolute Reference, Anonymous FTP Site, CMOS Complementary Metal-Oxide Semi-conductor and Gopher. There are a large number of IT terms in common use among Internet users, including .bmp, TCP/IP, CD-ROM and GUI.

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IT, or Information Technology, is the science of processing, collecting and dealing with information. As it is primarily associated with computers, many IT terms are in common use among computer and Internet users as of 2015. Such terms include CPU, which means Central Processing Unit, or DBMS, which means Database Management System. The common term CD-ROM stands for Compact Disk Read Only Memory.

The term Download also originally comes from IT. It means to copy information from a computer far away to a local computer. Another IT term is Digital Versatile Disc, more commonly known as a DVD. Driver is an IT term used in connection with computer hardware. A driver is a software task that interacts with hardware and operating systems or applications. A File Infector is a virus that attacks and modifies programs, often with the extension of .exe.

GUI stands for Graphical User Interface and refers to the text, graphics and other visuals that make operating systems or software user-friendly. A hacker is someone who accesses computer systems through illegal methods.

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