How Do You Reinstall the Sound Device on a Computer?


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To reinstall a sound card driver on a personal computer, use the software disc that came with the card or select the device in Device Manager and click Update Driver under the Driver tab. To physically install a new sound card on a Windows computer, first turn off the computer, detach the power source and open the casing.

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If there is a card already installed, remove it by unscrewing the screw holding it in place and gently lifting the card from the peripheral component interconnect slot. If there is no card already in place, remove the piece plating that corresponds with the slot. Line up the tabs of the new card with the appropriate slot, and gently insert it into the slot until it pops into place. Wiggle the card to get it to line up perfectly, but be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this can physically damage the card and motherboard.

Reconnect the computer to the electrical outlet, and turn on the power. Windows should automatically detect the new device and prompt the user to install the appropriate drivers. If Windows does not automatically update the drivers, use the manufacturer’s compact disc or download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website. Once the installation is complete, replace the computer’s cover.

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