How Do You Reinstall Microsoft Works?


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As of 2015, you can reinstall Microsoft Works if you possess an installation media containing the software. After inserting the installation media into the computer, follow prompts as shown by the Microsoft Works installation program. You can modify your installation of the Microsoft Works program suite or choose the Typical installation option to install all of the suite's programs.

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Microsoft Works is a Windows program suite that provides software similar to that available in Microsoft Office. Programs in this suite are generally lighter in terms of memory load but carry fewer features. As of 2015, the Microsoft Works program suite is no longer available from Microsoft, but some businesses still use it.

Microsoft Works gave users access to several key programs, such as a spreadsheet, a database management system and a word processor. Certain versions of Microsoft Works also included a dictionary and a calendar. Microsoft Works was initially released by Microsoft in 1988, intended as an answer to the popular AppleWorks suite for Macintosh computers. Microsoft Works was discontinued as of version 9.0 on Sep. 28, 2007. Microsoft sold the program under a commercial proprietary software license, and Works was available for purchase as either a commercial product or as OEM software.

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