How Do You Reinstall ITunes Without Losing Music?

Use the options in the Preferences menu to reinstall iTunes without losing music. Afterward, uninstall the program, and download the newest iTunes version to either your Mac or Windows computer.

  1. Open iTunes

    Open iTunes, and click the Edit menu. Click Preferences, and select the Advanced tab. Check the box next to "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library." Click OK.

  2. Organize your library

    Open the File menu, and click Library. Next, click Organize Library, and make sure the Consolidate Files box has a check mark. In addition, check "Upgrade to iTunes Media organization" to allow iTunes to reorganize your media after the upgrade. Click OK.

  3. Create your iTunes library backup

    Open the Preferences menu, and select the Advanced tab. View the location for your iTunes folder, and navigate to that folder on your hard drive. Right-click the folder, and select Copy. Navigate to the folder where you want to place the backup. Right-click the folder, and select Paste.

  4. Uninstall and reinstall iTunes

    Uninstall iTunes from your computer using the Control Panel in Windows or the "sudo rm -rf" command in your Apple terminal. Download the newest iTunes version from Apple.

  5. Restore your music

    Navigate to your backup folder, copy it and paste it in the original iTunes folder location. Click Yes to replace the folder.