How Do You Reinstall Active X?


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Reinstall Active X controls by removing them via the Manage Add-ons screen in Internet Explorer and installing them again by accessing the Web page or program that requires them. Reinstalling Active X controls in some cases, such as playing multiplayer games in the Games section on MSN.com, requires clearing the cache and resetting Internet security settings that might prevent the installation process.

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Access the Manage Add-ons screen by opening Internet Explorer, clicking on the gear icon and clicking on Manage Add-ons. Once the screen appears, select the Toolbars and Extension option in the Add-on Types section, open the drop-down menu, and select the Downloaded Controls option. Select the Active X control you want to reinstall, click on the More Information link, and click on Remove before closing the window. Navigate to the website that requires the deleted Active X control, and select the Install option once the dialog box appears. Make sure to install Active X controls only from trusted sources to avoid security risks.

To reset Internet settings before reinstalling Active X controls, click on Internet Options after clicking on the gear icon in Internet Explorer, open the security tab, click on Custom Level, and select the Medium or Medium-Low option from the drop-down menu. Clear the cache by opening the General tab, clicking the Delete button in the Browsing History section, checking the boxes next to Cookies and Temporary Internet Files options, and clicking Delete.

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