How Do You Register a New SIM Card?

After receiving a new SIM card, contact your cellular service provider to have the SIM card activated. Following activation, the SIM card may be installed into the phone and the phone can be used.

A SIM is a smart card that is inserted into a cellular phone. The SIM card contains subscriber information, including profile and services on the cellular plan. The SIM card also includes a list of personal contacts.

"SIM" stands for subscriber identity module, and each SIM card is unique to the cellular provider. SIM cards do not store pictures or documents because the storage size is typically small at 128 to 256 kilobytes. New SIM cards can be purchased online or in-store through the cellular service provider.

When changing cellular service providers, you must first unlock your device. The device may be compatible with a new cellular service provider and its unique SIM card.

Exercise care when you receive a new SIM card. Do not bend the card, and avoid touching the metal contact points. Keep the card clean and dry at all times. If the card is inserted incorrectly, an error message displays on the phone's screen. If the error message appears, carefully attempt reinsertion of the SIM card.