How Do You Register for MyUHC?

How Do You Register for MyUHC?

You can register for myUHC from the myUHC website, which is an extension of the main United Health Care website. When on the myUHC site, click the Register Now link and enter your name, date of birth, membership ID and group or account number in the areas provided.

After entering your information, you must select a username and password to access your myUHC account online. Provide an email address and select your security questions to complete the registration process. Upon completion, United Healthcare provides a confirmation email and letter to the addresses provided.

If you are enrolled with United Healthcare, but do not have your card or enrollment materials, you can enter your Social Security number in the Membership ID field.

If you are a member of United Health care with active coverage you will be able to use the myUHC portal immediately after registration. If your coverage is not yet active, you will be given limited access to myUHC. The registration process takes only a few minutes and the myUHC website provides a number of troubleshooting links if you are having trouble signing-up.

A myUHC account stores all of your health plan's information in one place. The portal allows you to view and pay claims, locate nearby pharmacies, refill prescriptions, access claim forms and look up your benefits.