How Do You Register Your MagicJack Device?

How Do You Register Your MagicJack Device?

Register a magicJack by connecting it to a USB port on a computer. Click on the registration link in the pop-up window, and follow the instructions.

In the instructions, first choose a place of purchase. Next, fill out the form requesting an email address. MagicJack confirms ownership by comparing this email address with the one provided during purchase. MagicJack also confirms ownership by comparing the order number, credit card number or ZIP code provided on this form to the one provided at purchase.

Create an account with magicJack by entering a name and email address when prompted in the instructions. Users with existing accounts must log in to that account to add a new device. Users can control call forwarding, voicemail and other features through their magicJack accounts.

Next, enter the contact information requested, provide magicJack with a unique name for the unit, and accept the terms of service. Users then move on to select a phone number, and enter an activation code provided in an email. Finally, choose an account password, and the registration process should be complete.

The magicJack Plus 2014 and magicJackGO can also register without connecting to a computer. Connect either device to the Internet through an Ethernet cord, and connect it to a phone. Visit the registration website to initiate the registration process.