How Do You Register a MagicJack?

How Do You Register a MagicJack?

To register a MagicJack, first connect the MagicJack to the universal serial bus port of the computer, and then connect the phone to the MagicJack phone port. After making the connections, the computer launches the MagicJack application.

The application window displays a Click to register button. Click on the button, and then choose the pertinent purchase type shown in the next window that pops up. The next window prompts for the email address and the ZIP code.

Enter the email address and the ZIP code in the input window. MagicJack confirms the ownership of the device by confirming the email entered online with the one provided at the time of purchase. In the next window that appears, a radio button with an option to create a new account for this device is available. Select that specific radio button, and click on the Next option.

Provide the first and last name, type in the initially entered email address, and enter a desired password. In the next window that appears, enter the address details. Enter a specific name to the device.

Carefully read the terms of the service agreement, and then select the Agree to the terms of service option.

Next, get a phone number by selecting the area code. Finally, use the activation code received via email in the next window, and click the Activate button. A screen appears displaying the phone number, and MagicJack sends an email confirming the registration.