How Do You Register Your Email on LINE?

To register your email with the Line app, go to the More tab, tap Settings, tap Accounts, and then tap Email Registration or Email Account Registration. Enter the email and password, and tap Email Verification. Enter the verification code, and tap OK to register the email.

The exact process of registering an email address on Line varies depending on your device. To access Line on a computer, download and install the PC version of Line, and then provide your login credentials. You do not need to register a new email on Line if you have already registered the email on the mobile version of Line.

If you have registered an invalid email, tap More on the main menu of Line, tap Settings, go to Accounts, and then tap Change Your Email or Email Account Registration. Tap Cancel Registration, provide the password and then tap OK. Then tap Cancel Registration or the OK button again to confirm the recent changes.

Line offers free voice and video calls for mobile and computer users, and provides other benefits such as sharing of photos, videos, voice messages, contacts and location information among users. The mobile application works with iOS, Windows and Android devices.