How Do You Register for Elearn Landstar?

How Do You Register for Elearn Landstar?

To register for a new account on ELearn Landstar, fill out the application from the New Account tab, confirm the email address and select the course. After receiving the enrollment key from the teacher, enter it into the interface to unlock the course.

Landstar is one of the largest transportation solutions providers. The company deals with delivery of special packages, as well as larger units. However, it differs from other logistic companies by relying more on independent agents, instead of in-house employees. The ELearn portal on Landstar is used to teach and train individuals at this company. Use the following instructions to register for an ELearn account:

  1. Fill out the application
  2. On the ELearn home page, locate the New Account tab and click on it. Fill out all the required information, including an email address.

  3. Confirm the email
  4. After submitting the application, an email will be sent out. Check the inbox on that email address and the look for the Landstar email. Click on the confirm email address, to be redirected back to ELearn.

  5. Choose the course
  6. Select the wanted course and input the enrollment key the instructor sent out.

  7. Log in
  8. Once the registration process is complete and the courses are chosen, log in with the newly registered account.