How Do I Register a Domain Name?

How Do I Register a Domain Name?

Register a domain name by finding a domain name registrar, selecting a domain name and paying for the service. Most domain name registrars offer other services such as web hosting and web design.

  1. Find a registrar

    Locate a domain name registrar that suits your needs. More than 750 American companies are registered with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, as of November 2014.

  2. Choose a domain name

    Create a domain name that describes the type of website you want. A business website is designated by ".com" or ".biz" top-level domains, whereas a non-profit organization delineates the ".org" top-level domain. Other possibilities for a website include ".net," ".edu," ".info" and ".us."

  3. Pay for the service

    Use a credit or debit card through a secure connection to pay for the domain name registration. Some websites charge as little as $1.99 while others cost up to $20, depending on the services you want. Many registrars help you design the look of your website and assist you in deciding on the specific types of services your site should offer

  4. Enter the Web

    Websites usually goes live within 36 hours of registration, which means users who type in the domain can see the website in various web browsers. Once the website goes live, any changes you make to the format, layout and design take effect instantaneously.