How Do You Refresh Windows 8?


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To refresh a Windows 8 PC, press the Windows key and the C key together or navigate the mouse pointer to the bottom right or top right corner of the screen in order to make the Charms bar appear, then click on "Settings," select "Change PC settings" and click on "General." Scroll down to the "Refresh your PC without affecting your Files" option and click "Get Started;" a screen detailing what will happen when Windows 8 is refreshed will appear. Click on "Next" to begin the refresh; the entire process will take a couple of minutes.

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The "Refresh" and "Restore" features in Windows 8 can be used to remedy problems with the computer. Refreshing the computer will re-install Windows but keep all the personal settings and files. Applications that were shipped with computer and the ones downloaded from the Windows Store will also be retained. Resetting the PC will re-install Windows 8 but all settings, files and applications downloaded from the Windows Store will be lost.

Refreshing Windows 8 is a good way to undo any recent system changes. In most cases, the refresh process starts and finishes on its own. But if Windows requires missing or additional files, users will be prompted to insert a recovery disc, which is usually on a thumb drive or DVD.

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